Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set
Succulent Gardening Tool Set

Succulent Gardening Tool Set

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Material: Plastic

Type: Gardening Tool Set

Colour: Black

Name: Succulent tool set

Specifications: five-piece OPP bag / eight-piece OPP bag / thirteen-piece OPP bag / thirteen-piece storage bag / thirteen-piece storage bag + 50CM soil change pad

Remarks: The utensils are hand-made, and the stainless steel and the handle are manually welded. There may be a situation where the interface is not neat, which is normal. The stainless steel part may have scratches due to hand-made, packaging and transportation, which does not affect normal use and is not a quality issue.


1. Cleaning brush (about 10.5cm)

2. Seedling device (about 14cm)

3. Hole punch (about 14.5cm)

4. Tea spoon (about 15cm)

5. Shovel cup (about 16cm)

6. Small rake (about 16.5cm)

7. Round head spatula (about 20cm)

8. Pointed spatula (about 21cm)

9. Watering can (about 300ml)

10. Air blow (about 15cm)

11. Elbow tweezers (about 12cm)

12. Small scissors (about 11cm)

13. Watering can (about 250ml)

14. Soil changing mat (tiling 50*50cm)

15. Storage bag (22*18*8cm)

*Manual measurement, slight errors are normal, please refer to the actual product.


                          OPP Bag                                Storage Bag



Soil shovel cup: It can be used                                     Gardening three-piece set: suitable for transplanting flower and                                                  for shovelling a lot of soil.                                               vegetable seedlings,loosening soil and weeding



Hole punch                                                                 Seedling device

Can be used to drill holes in the soil                         The split end is used for transplanting seedlings, 

when transplanting seedlings into the soil                and it can be easily lifted by clamping the roots.        


Tea spoon                                                                     Small scissors

Shovel soil and put paving stones so                           For plant root trimming, small and sharp

that soil can be easily poured into flower pots                       


Elbow tweezers                                                              Cleaning brush

Precisely grasp the bugs, dust, etc.                                Clean the dust on plant leaves. The hair is soft and does not hurt the plant

in the flowerpot, and the operation is more precise.         


Air blow                                                                               Watering can

Blow off the dust and water droplets on the blades,          Elbow and thin mouth can be watered deep into the leaves, 

the airflow is small and strong                                             suitable for watering small plants such as succulents


Watering can                                                                          Soil change pad

Can be used for plant humidification or spraying            When transplanting plants or changing soil, place it under the ground                                                                                                                         to prevent soiling of the desktop and ground





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